Production (filming, editing and post) of a short documentary (and its “making of”/marketing photography) focused on the participation of people forced to flee in the parade of Grêmio Recreativo Escola de Samba Acadêmicos do Salgueiro in Carnival 2022 of Rio de Janeiro.

The short documentary focus on a group of refugees selected to participate in the parade, also following part of their daily routine and preparing for the official parade. In addition to refugees, some interviews with UNHCR spokespersons should be contemplated, to be carried out in Rio de Janeiro.
The result was a documentary which portrays refugee people of various nationalities who were forced to leave their countries, their homes and their culture and are rebuilding their lives in Brazil. The characters tell their story, their difficulties and symbolically gather on the stage of the biggest cultural festival in the world: Rio de Janeiro's Carnival.

As it tells the story of their social and economic integration in the country, the film also shows the process of integration into Brazilian culture through samba and Carnival. In the year that Salgueiro celebrated black resistance, this group of refugees parades with them as an example of resilience.

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