"Futura is a pioneering experience of communication for social transformation that, since 1997, operates from an educational, participatory and inclusive audiovisual production model." Rec Design has a long and lasting partnership with the channel. Since 2006 we were responsible for the design of the Futura Annual Book. Every year this annual brings together the stories and experiences the channel has lived over the previous year. Together, we define a theme that reflects the highlights of the previous year's programming and from this theme we create a visual identity that links all the Futura actions, from the production of the TV shows to mobilization events.
In 2016 the chosen theme was the "multiplicity" of the peoples. We used effects of multiple images throughout the book. On the cover, in addition to the overlapping of photos, we printed on mirror paper, with this effect we wanted to reinforce the idea that the public is part of these multiple peoples of Futura. Rec Design was responsible for: concept, coordination, graphic design, illustration and layout.​​​​​​​

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